How can we imagine a contemporary public space into fast growing cities, in between over scaled urban buildings and venues, where open spaces are mainly used by transportation?

The challenge is to fit, into the contemporary realms, a new way of public space that brings back and combines some of the lost urban qualities. A space with its own identity and internal quality. A human scale space that activates public social exchanges. A space in which stay without any specific function. A space of protection, silence and concentration. A space intimate and domestic” as a public room into urban fabric.

A standardised public space would allow to reduce considerably the construction time. But it also permits to control realization and costs and to guarantee high quality design standards. A Prefab Public Space, indeed, could be customisable according to the needs of the places. Different PPS modules, moreover, can be combined among them, establishing wider and better articulated systems. It is the answer to different demands, developing a quality potentially spreadable on the territory.

anno: 2009

luogo: Hong Kong – Shenzen

committente: biennale di Hong Kong

programma: 2 padiglioni per la biennale del 2009

servizi: concept

A. M. Azzolini, A. Mannino e C. Marra c/o Laboratorio Permanente, N. Russi


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26 Maggio 2014